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“Heather is a master of light. The subjects in her photographs seem to glow, as the soft sunsetting light radiates around them.”

"I have been hiring Heather as our photographer for over a decade. From casual family photos, graduation pictures, an amazing wedding and an adorable newborn session, Heather has been there to capture our family's most treasured moments. She is easy to work with and her creativity and talent is incredible. I would definitely recommend her for your next special event.​"

“Our photographer Heather is an artist, through and through. She has an eye for beauty and detail. Her aesthetic taste is refined and classic, but never dull.”

“Heather is a sensitive observer of people and their relationships, helping her capture the ‘story’ of the moment. From subtle side-long glances of affection, to all-out belly-laughs among a group of old friends, to the winsome antics of children, Heather sees those special moments and preserves them.”

"Heather’s gracious, fun-loving, positive and sensitive personality puts us all at ease. It doesn’t take long before my family is laughing and looking all cute and Heather is snapping away, getting great shot after great shot.”

"Some of my all time favorite pictures of my children, that I hold near and dear, have been taken by Heather!"

"She sees the beauty in everything and working with her is easy because she has the most calming and charming professional attitude!"

"Heather has been photographing my family since 2011; every year I am so grateful that she has captured my babies once again so I can always remember them just the way they were. My favorites are always the moments she catches when we did not know she was looking…Preston and Jorja blowing a wishy, Peyton walking on the pier, a pouty face, a look of wonder. Throughout the years the children have become so comfortable with Heather that often times they forget she is even taking their picture. She knows their personalities, and even calls them by their nicknames. She is not only incredibly talented she is kind, gentle and thoughtful. Every year I think to myself, there is no way we are going to top this next year and somehow, we do. My hope is that Heather will continue to capture my family year after year and when the time comes for one or all of them to walk down the aisle…she will be there as a friend and our photographer."

"When I was looking for a photographer to do family pictures, it was important to me that my family felt comfortable with that person. Building a relationship between photographer and client was what I was looking for, Heather was that photographer. She is so passionate about her work and made us feel so comfortable.  She has a great eye to detail, knowledge and experience. I can honestly say that I have never liked the way I look in photos, but after doing professional pictures with Heather, I now look at myself in a different way. She has a way that makes me feel good and pretty, which ultimately shows in the photos. Photography after all is art and Heather is one of the best artists I know."